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Study Abroad at Villanova

Getting to Know Villanova’s Study Abroad Program

            I recently attended an information session on the Study Abroad program on November 22nd, 2019. Interested in the program and currently planning out where and when I am going to go on a semester abroad, I believed attending this information session was paramount for me. I knew almost nothing about the program besides a little bit about the trip second half of sophomore year to Urbino, Italy, which I am highly interested in. By going to this session, I wanted to learn more of the details about study abroad, like how do credits correlate overseas, what classes do I need to take, what are some of the requirements before I apply, and how and when I apply for the Urbino trip. I knew that I should attend this event and it would be very worthwhile for me.

            The leaders of the presentation were informative and helpful when going through their syllabus. They presented a lot of information in a short amount of time, but stopped often to answer questions. They presented information on everything I needed to learn so that I felt more prepared leaving this session than when I entered it. I learned when I need to apply, which is either end of next semester or early sophomore year. I also learned I need to contact my Study Abroad leader who will help me through this process. It is also mandatory to contact this leader before starting the application. I learned about the gritty financial and record details as well. One of the presenters of this event is planning to go to Urbino so I asked her a variety of questions, including whether I should take Italian beforehand or not, since I do not know any Italian whatsoever. She told me that it is not worth it to take Italian at Villanova but rather wait until going to Italy so that I get more credits for the class. It is also important to note that I can reach out to my Business School Peer Advisor who went on the Urbino trip his sophomore year with specific details about the trip that I need to learn or missed at this information session. 

            Overall, I believed that this event was worthwhile and important to attend as someone who plans on doing a semester abroad. I learned a lot in this short session and I now I feel more confident going into the study abroad environment. Now that I have learned more about this amazing opportunity, I am excited to be a part of it and cannot wait for this trip. 

            After learning more about the Study Abroad program, I am able to help others who were not able to attend this event. If you missed it and need some information, respond with questions on this blog or email me at I am happy to answer any questions about this event. 

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